IXNOS Quartet Concert
Κυριακή, 14 Απρίλιος 2019

 Different music styles written or arranged especially for the ensemble by Greek composers.
Bridges between 20th century music and the special sound aspect of IXNOS ensemble.
Works and transcriptions by B. Martinu, A. Schnittke, E. Satie, G.Koumentakis, G. Doussis, Ph. Glass, 
Ev. Kokkoris,  A. Coplant, Ch. Corea and Panagiotis Theodossiou.
a. Aetopouleio Cultural Center, 
(Filikis Etairias & Tombazi, Chalandri) April 21, 2019 
b. Third Program of Greek State Broacasting Media (432 Mesogeion Av. Ag. Paraskevi) May 13, 2019


Ι-Bohuslav Μartinu: Jeux II, no3, Andantino

II- Alfred Schnittke: Suite in the old style
1. menuet
2. fugue
3. pantomima (Arr.: P.Theodossiou)

III- Eric Satie: Danses de travers, first mouvement 
1. Thyme
2. Praying Mantis
3. Dragonflies 
(Arr.; V.Founta - P.Theodossiou)

V- George Doussis: That Person, for mezzo soprano, on a text by Eri Kygia, 
mezzo soprano Irena Athanassiou, conductrd by George Doussis

VI- Philip Glass: Facades

VII- Evangelos Kokkoris: Horizon’s Line

VIII- Aaron Copland: Four Piano Blues, δύο μέρη
1. Freely poetic
2. Soft and languid- For Andor Foldes

IX- Chic Corea: Children’s Songs No 1,2,4,5,6.

X- Panagiotis Theodossiou: Jazz trio suite
1. Fugue
2. Jazzy
3. Gnome
4. Seven Times Twelve
5. Nocturne
6. Fire Dance
7. Pyrrihios